Our Beer

Legra Pale Ale 3.8%

Leigh on Sea Brewery’s first brewed beer (August 2017) and now our best selling (and most awarded). Legra is a well hopped American style pale ale, single hopped in the boil and dry hopped with loads of (expensive!) Citra. Legra is a light hazy golden ale, the Citra hop giving the beer a clean, citrus aroma, a refreshing grapefruit flavour and a big bitter finish.

Why Legra? The earliest known record of Leigh-on-Sea is in the Domesday Book of 1086, when it was known as Legra and valued at 100 shillings (think that used to be a fiver…) As our first beer we wanted to dedicate to our home town of Leigh on Sea. Don’t ask us about the crisis we had when we belatedly realised Legra was an anagram of lager….

Hops – Citra
Malt – Maris Otter, Torrified Wheat

Food Pairing
Refreshing and delicious on its own, it is also fantastic with a pint of prawns on the Old Leigh seafront.

Available in 9G cask, 30L Key Keg, 440ml cans and (occasionally) in 330ml bottles

Legra X #1 Citra West Coast IPA 6.3%

Originally brewed as a special strong version of Legra, we’ve now decided to launch a series of different types of Pale Ale, under the Legra X umbrella. Legra X #1 uses solely Citra hops just like Legra and is like a muscular older sibling, with a proper IPA ABV of 6.3%. Bright, clear and golden in appearance with citrus aroma, a grapefruit flavour and a crisp bitter finish, Legra X #1 is reminiscent of the first wave of American Pale Ales and IPA’s brewed in the States at the start of the Craft Beer boom.

Hops – Citra
Malt – Maris Otter, Torrified Wheat

Food Pairing
Like all big American IPA’s Legra X pairs well with barbecued food, steak and Mexican street food.

Available in 30L Key Kegs and 440ml cans, with some limited edition 9G cask as well (ask your favourite cask pub to get one in!)

Old Leigh Ale English Old Ale 5.7%

Originally brewed in collaboration with Sam from Fable Brewery, we’re now on our third brew of the stuff. Sam obviously saw this as a compliment and has now joined us here at Leigh on Sea Brewery! Brewed with heritage Chevalier malt, back in the 1800’s the finest and most popular base malt (before the arrival of Maris Otter). A traditional English hop selection brings rich dark vine fruits to this strong, dark malt forward traditional ale.

Simply named after Old Leigh, the popular and beautiful waterside part of Leigh on Sea where you can find some of our favourite pubs, restaurants and of course the best selection of seafood from the Cockle Sheds. As a resident, best enjoyed in winter (the town that is – but also possibly this beer…)

Hops – Goldings, Nugget, Willamette
Malt – Chevalier, Munich, Carafa Special III, Best Black

Available in limited 9G Cask, 30L Key Keg & 500ml Bottles

McFadden Mild 3.9%

A traditional dark mild, subtly malted and lightly hopped. We consider mild an undervalued beer category and are proud of our version. Black in appearance with a glowing mahogany edge to your pint glass, aromas of roasted barley and smooth flavours of chocolate and coffee with a well balanced bitter finish.

McFadden was originally brewed as a one off for multi award winning Leyton Orient FC Supporters Club, After it’s intended one off appearance at Orient, it was so popular that Pigs Ear CAMRA asked for a re-brew for their December beer festival. Given it’s first outing at Orient, we named this beer to honour the memory of Richard McFadden, who was a (Clapton) Orient player and member of the “Footballers Regiment” in the Great War. McFadden, alongside other Orient colleagues, lost his life at the battle of the Somme in 1916.

Food Pairing
The dark chocolate and coffee flavours pair well with rich gamey meats, fruit cake and just as well with lighter seafood dishes especially fresh crab or lobster.

Hops – Magnum, Amarillo, Perle
Malt; Maris Otter, Crystal, Chocolate, Roasted Barley, Torrified Wheat

Available in limited 9G Cask only (someone persuade us to put it in 500ml bottles!)

Brhubarb Saison 3.9%

Another beer originally brewed as a one off which has caught on and become part of our core range! Lightly single hopped with Saaz, and with a post boil addition of fresh Essex rhubarb juice, Brhubarb is brewed with a Belgian style yeast. While it’s a beer that can be enjoyed all year round, it really hits the spot on a hot Summer’s day. Spicy-peppery flavours from the Belle Saison yeast complement tart flavours of rhubarb.

Food Pairing
To fully experience the Belgian beer and food pairing, Bhrubarb is a perfect match for Belgian classic moules-frites. If you prefer sweeter dishes then Bhrubarb pairs well with a simple vanilla ice cream.

Hops – Saaz
Malt – Maris Otter, Munich and Torrified Wheat
Belle Saison Yeast
Essex grown rhubarb juice

Available in limited 9G Cask & 440ml Cans

Pier Train NZ Hopped Pilsner 4.6%

First brewed in 2020, Pier Train is a refreshing bohemian-style Pilsner given an antipodean twist through the generous addition of New Zealand hops. The resulting Essex born lager has a pale golden colour with a clean aroma, a hint of tropical fruits and a refreshing bready flavour. The finish is dry-bitter with a subtle citrus after taste.

Named in honour of the historical attraction that made Southend-on Sea famous 130 years ago – it’s mile and a third long pier; the longest pleasure pier in the world! You can even pick up a can at the end of the pier (naturally!) then enjoy the pier train ride back to land.

Food Pairing
This Lager style matches well with most foods but is particularly delicious with fatty foods such as hot dogs, burgers, chips or fried fish on a Summer’s day.

Hops – Nelson Sauvin, Willamette, Motueka & Wai-iti
Malt – Pilsner & Carapils

Available in 30L Key Kegs & 440ml cans

Six Little Ships Best Bitter 4.2%

Hopped with Challenger and suitably seafaring hops Admiral and Columbus, Six Little Ships is a traditional Best Bitter with a delicious spicy bitterness. A warming copper brown in appearance, brown bread aroma and a smooth spicy flavour with perfect bitter finish.

Named for the six boats from Leigh-on-Sea that set sail in May 1940 to join the Dunkirk troop evacuation.

Food Pairings
What better way to enjoy a traditional Best Bitter then to drink it alongside Britain’s favourite Friday night takeaway, battered fish and chips. Also pairs well with roast pork and sausage.

Hops – Admiral, Challenger, Columbus
Malt – Maris Otter, Munich, Crystal, Torrified Wheat

Available in 9G cask, 30L Key Keg & 500ml bottles

Kursaal Gold 3.9%

A quaffable Golden Ale for when you have a thirst on! Highly sessionable Kursaal Gold has a blend of three English grown hop varieties for bittering, with two from the US for aroma. Golden in appearance, fresh zest aroma and clean sweet flavours.

The name and artwork for our Golden Ale celebrates The Kursaal, one of the world’s earliest amusement parks now with a Grade II listed and still glorious facade. Just like The Kursaal, our beer is beautifully constructed, bright and has been enjoyed by many. Unlike the Kursaal which has sadly fallen on hard times as an attraction, we hope the beer will be in high demand for years to come

Food Pairing
An excellent palate cleanser, Kursaal Gold is a great match for a pizza or barbecued food.

Hops – Fuggles, Bramling Cross, Goldings, Centennial, Cascade
Malt – Maris Otter, Carapils, Cara Red & Torrified Wheat

Available in 9G Cask, 30L Key Keg & 500ml Bottles

Boys of England Bitter 3.9%

A marriage of New Zealand and English hops together with a balanced malt bill gives Boys of England its pale colour and delicious taste. Smooth sessionable bready flavours lead to a crisp refreshing bitter finish.

Another beer whose brand follows our maritime theme, Boys of England is named after Southend on Sea’s first RNLI lifeboat (1879 – so just pre-dating the pleasure pier!) Reflecting our link with the RNLI (founding brewer Mark was a lifeboat crew member throughout his brewery employment) we make a 5p RNLI donation for every pint sold.

Food Pairings
Boys of England is the perfect session bitter and also a perfect partner to roast chicken, grilled meat or pizza.

Hops – Progress, Pacific Gem, Willamette
Malt – Dark Crystal, Maris Otter, Munich, Torrified Wheat

Available in 9G Cask, 30L Keykeg & 500ml Bottles

Two Tree Island US Red Ale 4.5%

A distinctive malty red ale, bursting with dry hopped citrus flavour. Brewed with a blend of malts including Dark Crystal for colour and a handful of big fresh American hops for aroma and flavour. Deep red in appearance, spicy rye bread aroma with a warming toffee-biscuit flavour and big punchy bitter finish.

Two Tree Island, off Leigh-on-Sea, was reclaimed from the Thames Estuary in the 18th century and is now a nature reserve.

Food Pairings
Two Tree Island’s spicy taste makes it a perfect beer to partner with seafood, try it with a pint of Leigh-on-Sea cockles or alongside spicy jerk chicken.

Hops – Citra, Centennial
Malt – Maris Otter, Roasted Barley, Crystal, Torrified Wheat

Renown Cockle Stout 4%

Our 4% cockle stout is brewed with Leigh-on-Sea cockles in the boil (obviously a departure from our usual vegan policy!) and is our take on an Oyster Stout. It is jet black in appearance with a bright white fluffy head, and aromas of chocolate and roasted malt. The flavours are of chocolate, coffee, caramel, with a lightly roasted finish. The cockles are added towards the end of the boil, joining Magnum and Golding hops.

Renown was one of the six cockle boats from Leigh-on-Sea involved in the Dunkirk troop rescue. Renown was an Osborne Bros boat and was tragically lost on the return journey, being struck by a mine with the loss of four lives. We’re proud to help to keep the story alive with this distinctive beer and consider it highly appropriate that the cockles used come from the current day Osborne Bros business.

Food Pairings
As you’d expect, Renown would match deliciously with cockle chowder. However (if you want to get all posh on us then) oysters are also a very good and traditional accompaniment!

Hops – Magnum, Goldings
Malt – Maris Otter, Crystal, Chocolate, Roasted Barley, Torrified Wheat, Dark Crystal Rye
Fresh Cockles from Osborne Bros. Leigh-on-Sea Cockle Sheds

Crowstone Black IPA 5.5%

Dark like a stout, but hoppy and bitter in flavour like an IPA! A rich blend of malts gives Crowstone its intensely dark, almost black colour, while serious quantities of fresh New World hops provide tropical citrus flavour and aroma. Crowstone is the beer that runs Legra close (or surpasses it?) for awards

The Crowstone, at Chalkwell, is the north bank Thames “London Stone” marking the ancient limit of the port of London.

Food Pairings
Just brilliant paired with a Sunday roast. There’s something about the roasty malt and the bitter hop combination that makes it brilliant with food.

Hops – Chinook, Cascade, Mosaic, Citra
Malt – Chocolate, Crystal, Maris Otter, Torrified Wheat, Carafa Special III, Cara Red, Crystal Red

Available in 9G Cask, 30L Key Keg & 440ml Cans

Cockle Row Spit US IPA 5.6%

A strong and flavoursome (flavorsome?) American style IPA. Brewed using a combination of Czech and American hops, then dry hopped after fermentation to create additional citrus aroma. A full mouthfeel with a hazy appearance.

Cockle Row Spit is named after a Trinity House buoy now on dry land and on full view at High Street, Old Leigh. If you’ve been to Old Leigh you’ve walked or driven past it –it just looked to us that it was crying out to be a beer name!

Food Pairings
Bitterness increases heat, so if you enjoy a spicy curry an IPA is a perfect match. Cockle Row Spit also pairs well with steak and Barbeque ribs.

Hops – Saaz, Cascade, Centennial, Citra
Malt – Maris Otter, Torrified Wheat

Available in 9G Cask, 30L Key Keg & 440ml Cans

SS9 Imperial Stout 9%

SS9 is a seriously strong stout characterised by deep boozy notes of coffee and chocolate from the range of dark malts used in the recipe. Perfect for colder nights and warm fireplaces.

Name Info
SS9 is the Leigh on Sea postcode Just take comfort that we don’t live in SS12!

Food Pairings
Strong, smelly, oozy cheeses are a perfect after dinner pairing for SS9. Imperial Stouts also work wonderfully with creamy chicken dishes, macaroni cheese and rich meaty stews.

Hops – Columbus, Cascade
Malt – Maris Otter, Vienna, Munich, Crystal, Torrified Wheat, Chocolate, Roasted Barley

Available in 9G Cask, 30L Key Keg & 440ml Can. A Speyside barrel aged version has come and gone in keg, but there are still a handful of the 750ml bottles about.

LoveLeighLager 4.5%

Our take on a mainstream lager will be launched in December 2020. Although we’re trying to appeal to the general lager drinker, in production this is nothing like mass market. Lagered for a month in our conditioning tank it has traditional German hops and is Helles in style (a lager type emanating from Bavaria). That brings a clean malt base in the foreground, subtle hopping and, most of all a refreshing, drinkable beer suitable for all seasons.

Best damn lager in the world (probably)

Hops – Perle, Comet, Magnum
Malt – Carapils, Pilsner

Pilot Kit Series

When our brewers are not busy brewing our #LoveLeigh core beers they are on our small Pilot Kit brewing up a storm and experimenting lots of different beer styles. Belgian ales, sours, single hop, green hop, Double IPA’s – anything goes! These special one off rare beers are only available in our taproom and a couple of very specially selected local Craft Beer venues. Keep an eye on our social media for the latest Pilot Kit Series available.